Trivial shit


Noise slows me down. Questions I’ve already answered. Why didn’t you listen 5 minutes ago when I answered the same question!?
I dont want it to upset me. But it does. It takes so long to get focused again.
Work comes in.
Is this really mine?
Clouds darken. I’m hungry. I’m getting distracted.
I’m upset that im distracted.

I should know better.

John joseph appears during a video. I think about the bad brains. I lighten up.


Sometimes it gets too close.

I’m trying to close the distance


Dinosaurs. Egotistical. Irrelevant.
Forced to listen.
Massive contradictions to earlier messages.
Joiners protecting themselves.
Is the emperor here? Its 2016, he cant really be wearing no clothes can he?
Hey kool thing. What you gonna do to protect me from male white corporate oppression?

I got what came home


There’s an email; 25 pages needs to become 8. By 9am. For a senior audience.
Stop the football.
Choose your music carefully; Underworld. Contemporary.

How far can you take the English language?
Rushed conversation with an introvert. Positive reinforcement.
I’ll miss him